World Nuclear Power

The question of how many nuclear plants there are in operation all over the World is at the forefront of the minds of many of us in the data center industry. This has a lot to do with where power will be lowest cost and also where the Utility Supply and climate is condusive to building future data centers.

Here is a snippet from the World Nuclear Association:

“There are now over 440 commercial nuclear power reactors operating in 30 countries, with 377,000 MWe of total capacity.

They provide about 14% of the world’s electricity as continuous, reliable base-load power, and their efficiency is increasing.

56 countries operate a total of about 250 research reactors and a further 180 nuclear reactors power some 140 ships and submarines.

Sixteen countries depend on nuclear power for at least a quarter of their electricity. France gets around three quarters of its power from nuclear energy, while Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia and Ukraine get one third or more. Japan, Germany and Finland get more than a quarter of their power from nuclear energy, while in the USA one fifth is from nuclear. Among countries which do not host nuclear power plants, Italy gets about 10% of its power from nuclear, and Denmark about 8%.

In addition to commercial nuclear power plants, there are about 250 research reactors operating, in 56 countries, with more under construction. These have many uses including research and the production of medical and industrial isotopes, as well as for training.”

Here is a table of world nuclear power reactors that shows how many are in each country that are operational now, and ones planned for the future


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